Five Moves, Two Years

Big news, ladies and gents! I’ve been hinting at it for a month or two, but haven’t been able to say anything in case any IRL peeps are reading.

J got a new job….the job of his dreams….and we’re relocating from our beautiful spot in Muskoka back to our hometown! This is some incredibly exciting news for us; we’re totally thrilled to be heading back ‘home’. This is the city where we met, where we both grew up, and where the majority of our family lives. Plus, since its not a small town, there are shopping malls, Starbucks, craft & baking supply stores, and TONS of job opportunities for me. Plus Starbucks. Did I mention that already?

We’re sad, of course, to be packing up our beautiful townhouse, putting our stuff in storage, and leaving our cute little town. We’re sad that our friends will be left behind, that we’ll say farewell to the place where we first established ourselves as a married couple, where we first decided to start a family.

But we’re so, so happy to be moving back to family, familiarity, and a city we love. We’ll be 45 minutes away from the biggest NaProTechnology centre in Canada (an alternative fertility centre, since we won’t be going the IUI/IVF route), 20 minutes away from my reproductive endocrinologist, and an hour from Toronto. Back in the land of movie theatres with more than one screen, main streets with more than one stop light, and Starbucks. Do you see how important this move is to me? 😉

It will be a crazy three weeks, packing and moving and saying goodbye. But it certainly gets my mind off of the empty state of my uterus, and gives me something else to focus on. Bring on the boxes!

One thought on “Five Moves, Two Years

  1. Yeayyy!!! I’ve already told you but I’m still freaking excited for you!!! Can’t wait for you to get started with the NaPro clinic and get this show on the road. Happy packing and happy moving!

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