Have Your Cake…Part 4

Now that your cakes are covered and smooth, its time for the really fun part. Decorating!

Because these cakes were just for fun, I could decorate them any way I felt like. For the actual wedding, there is a specific colour scheme, but for the meantime, I just experimented.

I used two different ways of making fondant decorations. The first, pictured in Part One, involved making a variety of flowers and ‘pearls’ (okay, I just didn’t want to type ‘balls’) ahead of time, letting them harden fully, and then placing them on the cake.

For the flowers, I cut a strip of pink fondant and rolled it up, tapering the bottom to form a cartoon-ish rose. I then stuck a toothpick in the bottom for easy attachment. I cut the leaves out with a paring knife, and drew on the indentations with a toothpick. The ‘pearls’ were easy, just roll them up. Now that I’ve done it once, however, I would probably put toothpicks on the bigger pearls, so that they don’t roll away quite as easily.

The second method of making decorations involves creating your stripes, spots, leaves, flowers, etc. and attaching them while still soft and pliable. The stripes involved a ruler and a paring knife; I tried to make them different widths for ‘whimsy’…and just ended up regretting the asymmetricality of the whole thing.

Attaching the decorations is fairly simple; you need to create a fondant glue. Take a small piece of fondant, and drop it in a little water. It will get gooey and sticky, and you only need a tiny drop to adhere your decorations.

Without further ado, here are the completed cakes!

If you use any of these recipes and give fondant a try, send me a photo! I’d love to see your cakes, and I’ll even dedicate a blog post to readers’ cakes, if there are enough!

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