Project Update

So, whether I formally introduced them or not, I’ve been working away on a few projects these last few months. You can check them out up THERE, in the right-hand corner, under the tab that says ‘Current Projects’. So what are they, and how have I been doing?

Project 5K is just what it sounds like. My task WAS to be able to run 5K by September 1st, which, as you all know, was several days ago. Can I run 5K? No. Can I walk 5K? Yes, absolutely. Can I generally reach the 5K mark through a combination of running, walking, jogging and hobbling? You betcha. So while technically, Project 5K was a FAIL…I am proud of the progress I have made. When I started this project back in May, I could run to the end of my driveway. Now, I can run for two full songs without stopping. I’d consider that an improvement.

Project 60/40 is a little more complicated. Because of my PCOS, I have a tendency to gain weight and HOLD ON TO IT really tightly. Its like my inflatable life-raft belt, just hanging out there around my midsection. So what does 60/40 mean? My project is to lose 60 pounds in 40 weeks. 40 weeks because its the age of gestation for the baby that I don’t have in my arms. 40 weeks because it seems relatively doable in the weight-loss spectrum. And 40 weeks because, from my start date, it will end on our 2 year TTC anniversary. I’d love to celebrate (?) two full years of infertility by rocking a bikini somewhere in the tropics.

But where do I stand now on Project 60/40? Well, thanks to Weight Watchers, and my attempts at Project 5K, I’m down 7.5 pounds in 8 weeks. That’s nearly a pound a week (or over a pound a week, if you count last week when I GAINED 1.5 lbs). I know this seems like next to nothing. I know some ladies can cut out a can of Coke per week and drop 10 pounds. I know that men like J can eat pizza and chicken wings and STILL lose more weight than me. But PCOS and insulin resistance are tricky, tricky things. And I’m just grateful that the scale is going down.

What about you? What projects are you working on? Any new projects you think I should begin, now that the time limit for Project 5K has passed? I’ll join you on a project of yours, if you like (and I’ll even feature you here on Baking & Babies).


4 thoughts on “Project Update

  1. Thanks for your update! It sounds like you are making some encouraging progress. Right now the only goal that I am working on is not passing my pre-preg weight while I am pregnant. So far eating kinda right and walking has helped. You probably know this, but I am diabetic and take insulin so losing/not gaining weight can be a big challenge!

  2. I’m doing a project 5k here myself. I started running about a month and a half ago. Like you, I could not go far at first. Now I’m able to run a mile and a half (at a snail’s pace) and will hopefully up it to 2 miles in the next few weeks. I have a long term goal of losing a total of 50lbs. I’ve lost about 14 in 2 months. Last week I gained 1.5. PCOS is a jerk when it comes to weight loss, I’m learning. I seem to have one day a week where I slip up and eat bad, then feel guilty for it later. You have my full support in this because I know how challenging it can be. If there is anything we can do to motivate and support each other to reach our goals, I’m all for it!

  3. Hey you. Really proud of all the progress you’re making! It took me 2 years off-and-on again training to be able to run 5km consistently. Just don’t quit!
    As for the weight loss, you know I lost weight by making small lifestyle changes, right? Well want to try one? Hot water and lemon is amazing for you. This is especially true first thing in the morning before you eat anything. If you have the energy, try it. I got lazy with it, and now usually only drink it in the winter during the evening, BUT what I do every morning instead is drink an entire glass of water before eating anything (half an hour before eating anything if I can). It just gets your system moving, flushing everything out straight away.

    Anyway, food for thought.


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