Have Your Cake – Part Three

I’ve never completely covered a cake with fondant before. Ever. So of course, I wait until I’m asked to make a wedding cake before I give it a shot.

Believe it or not, it was much simpler than I thought. And honestly, with a little more practice, I think I’ll be decent at it. Moral of the story? Don’t be intimidated!

You should be starting with a cake, layered or not, that is covered in a smooth, fairly thin layer of icing. This will give the fondant something to stick to, as well as provide a smooth surface underneath.

Ignore the Christmas platters. They were the only flat serving plates I had. Also ignore the wrinkles. It was my first time.

Step One: Knead your fondant.

If you haven’t already made the marshmallow fondant from Part One, that’s your task now. Go on, I’ll wait. Done? Awesome. Pull that fondant out of the fridge, toss some icing sugar down on your work surface, and knead it. You want it to be pretty pliable – but not sticky!

Step Two: Roll out the fondant.

Your surface should be pretty heavily covered in icing sugar – because if the fondant sticks, it ruins your smooth, perfect finish. Roll the fondant, turning it with each roll to make sure it doesn’t stick. You want to be sure that your fondant is bigger than the full surface area of your cake, or else you’re going to fall short AND have weird wrinkles around the edges.

Step Three: Pick up the fondant.

Roll your fondant onto your rolling pin, to make it easier to lift and drape.

Step Four: Cover the cake.

Starting from the side furthest away from you, drape the fondant over your cake, unrolling it from the rolling pin. Trim any excess from the sides, to keep it from weighing too much and tearing.

Step Five: Smooth the edges.

Starting from the centre on the top of the cake, smooth out the fondant. Work your way to the edges, pressing it closely to the cake, but making sure that you don’t pull on the fondant; don’t want it to tear. Trim the extra from around the bottom, and voila! A covered cake!

2 thoughts on “Have Your Cake – Part Three

  1. I have a friend who enters cakes into competitions and she uses the marshmallow fondant. She’s self taught, too. Good luck! I bet your cakes look gorgeous. Do you ever check out cakewrecks.com? It’s a hoot!

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