Hey guys,

Having a tough time with things at the moment. Cycle day 69, possibly 19 days post-ovulation, and negative tests across the board. My anxiety is back in full swing, and I’m sinking into a depression.

Needless to say, the posts will be sporadic as I try to figure things out. With weight loss being my only source of control right now, I need to focus on that, and stay away from the delicious baked goods.

In the meantime, check out the Resources page. There are many fantastic ladies just waiting for new readers!

Thanks for all of your support. You mean the world to me.

12 thoughts on “Hiatus

  1. Delurking here – I’ve started reading you off the Bee, where I go by a different name. I’m really sad for you that you are having such a horrid cycle and as we start to try (I have PCOS), it’s my biggest fear too. I totally understand you feeling like you need to step back, but don’t forget that even half way round the world there are people who will listen if all you want to do is rant.

    • Thank you! That’s extremely encouraging to hear – I love knowing that people are rooting for me. If you feel like coming out of your anonymity, PM me on the ‘Bee – I’d love to know who you are! Haha.

  2. I’m sorry you are having such a diffult time at the moment. I really wish I would have words that make you feel better. Please take all the time you need. We’re hear for you whenever you need us.

    I didn’t want to spoil the surprise but there is mail on its way to you 🙂 Hopefully that will put a smile on your face – even if it is just for a short moment.

    I’m sure things will get better and there are better times ahead of you. Hang in there, girl!

    • You’re a sweetheart. Thank you. I’ll be on the lookout for some mail!
      I’m booked in for an intake appt with a counsellor, so hopefully that will help clear my head a little. Its just been a bad week. Thank you for making it a little bit brighter!

  3. I’m so sorry. This whole thing sucks. Do whatever you need to do to get through this, but just know there are plenty of people who love reading your blog and will gladly listen to your ranting if it helps any. Hoping it gets easier… ~ hugs ~

  4. Sorry you’re having a rough time right now. AF is a jerk. I just had a 60 something day cycle, now I can’t seem to get rid of AF. Stay focused on your overall health and do something today that will make you happy 🙂

  5. I’m sorry things are so hard right now. I wish I could say something to magically make you feel better but I can’t think of anything! Just know that you have so much support out here on the interwebs. I’m sending you big hugs from Ottawa, and I hope things start going your way soon!!!! 🙂

  6. Hello! I’ve read some of your last posts and I want to encourage you too. You see, I have PCOS too, at least that’s what doctors tell me. In my case it is because I was overweight while using the patch so when I left it (I had lost a lot of weight by then but still about 3 pounds overweight) my body went dormant, speaking about hormones, so then when we realized something was going wrong about 8 months have gone by, almost 12 pounds extra (even dieting and so) and completely frustrated, depressed and angry with life. But God was working and still is on me, so I will recommend two books that have helped me a lot in this journey. The first is called Made to Crave, by Lysa Terkeurst. This book will help you spiritually (I saw one of your posts you were talking about leaving everything on God’s hands) and also will help you on your weight-loss journey. I recommend you to buy the whole kit, video, devotional, book and participant’s book. Then, the second book is one that I’m currently reading because I understand your frustration with not knowing how to make your body work. This book is giving me a lot of insight on the PCOS problem and in my case I told the doctors “Well, is there anything I can do to help my body lower male hormones (as you know PCOS generate a lot of andro-hormones)” And in my case they had told me they were high but normal in PCOS patient. So, they told me, no…. there’s nothing, except using medication as I am on clomid but haven’t ovulated yet and now going for the 3rd round. Anyways, in this book I read that THERE IS something I can do to help me control hormones naturally even though I’m on meds… so the book is called Natural Solutions to PCOS by Marilyn Glenville. Now, I tell you all this because I feel your stressed and angry because you want a baby so bad… I totally understand that feeling because I have it too, but about two or three weeks ago I’ve been feeling a PEACE that fills my heart, spirit and soul in such a way, because I left this on God’s hands and knowing there’s a solution, reading His Word and praying has helped me a lot. Stress as you will read in the book contributes to the PCOS problem. So friend, trust, everything will be ok, be diligent in what you eat and exercise and attack this problem with prayer and natural options too. God will do the rest.

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