Today, my baking failed.

Failed in the sense of aesthetic, I suppose – because it still tasted damn good.


As I pulled these chocolate-caramel trainwrecks out of the oven, I was stumped at what could have gone wrong. I’ve made them countless times before, and they always turn out with crispy edges and a brownie-like centre. But these were different. Hard and dark at the edges, spread out to make a mega-cookie, with the caramel chips totally unmelted. What on earth happened?

So, as I’m wont to do in any circumstance where things don’t go my way, I analyzed.

Was my butter too soft? No, because the recipe calls for melted butter. So that was fine.

Did I use too much sugar? No, because I specifically remember measuring it out correctly.

Was the oven too hot? Too cool? Does gas make a difference over electric? Possibly, but I’ve baked cookies in this oven at least five times before, and they’ve always turned out perfectly.

At last, I realized what my problem was. As I was snacking on the five or six leftover chocolate chips in the bag (I counted each chip as half a WW point, so I covered my butt, lol), it dawned on me. I dumped the whole bag, give or take, into the recipe. Which I always did, because up until now, I’ve always doubled the recipe.

Ding ding ding! Problem solved. I’d doubled the chocolate, but none of the other ingredients.

Which explains not only the failure in appearance, but the wickedly good taste.

Don’t you wish you could go step by step through your infertility that way? Hmmm, my ovaries aren’t working. Do I have too many hormones? Add more of the other ingredients to even it out. Do I have too few eggs? No problem, there’s a whole carton in the fridge. Do I take too long to ovulate? No problem – just turn the oven up a few degrees.

We could get even more thoughtful here, and compare each ingredient in the cookie recipe to a fertility drug or solution, but lets face it. That’s taking things too far, and I’ve got to go run off the cookie I just ate.

6 thoughts on “Failures

  1. LOL…those cookies sound fabulous. I had a baking fail last weekend too. I tried to make some kind of healthy peanut butter cake. While I was making it I had a feeling it was going to turn out gross. But I brought it to the family function anyway. The best part was seeing my 18 year old cousin and her friend bite into it, whisper about it, then stare at it. They didnt know I was watching them 🙂

  2. lol 😉 Lucky for you that you doubled the chocolate instead of some other ingredients. I would love if fertility would be similar to baking. Every time you bake you get a new and real chance to come up with something incredible. With fertility you are kind of stucked with the ingredients you got – good or bad. Sigh.

  3. Wish it was possible to analyze IF like that too… and so wish there were easy answers and solutions. Love your analogy… and those biscuits look yuuuum 🙂 Enjoy xoxo

  4. I would TOTALLY eat those! They sound delicious and I would not deem anything that tastes great a failure! 😀

    I give myself insomnia many nights going round and round in my head (over)analyzing my infertility and adding things in that I probably didn’t need, but I was desperate at about the 3 year mark and got to where I’d try anything. I’m glad I’m past that now.

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