Burger Bliss

Week one of my diet plan is over and done with. I only ran twice – it was wicked hot, so I don’t really feel guilty. I stuck within my points for the most part, but I have to say…thank goodness for my ‘Flex’ points. I really didn’t want to have to use the 49 bonus points I’m given per week, because I would feel more inclined to eat junk. But this weekend was a food-based weekend, and I knew that if I wasn’t counting things methodically, I’d take a nosedive off the wagon.And I didn’t want to regain the weight I’ve lost (even if it was only a measly .5 lb since I started on Wednesday)
I headed to Ottawa with my best friend, her husband, and their two year old daughter. I’ve got some family in the capital city that I needed to visit, and they’d never been before (they’re recent transplants from the land of kangaroos). When I travel, I plan my trip around meals; where I’m going to eat, what I’m going to eat, and when the next meal is coming. For someone who has a constant battle with her weight, I know this attitude isn’t the best. I’m working on it.
We ate at a burger place that has over 60 types of burgers on the menu. You can choose from turkey, chicken, beef, elk, or portobello mushroom for the patty, and then can choose toppings from there; anything from peanut butter to Kraft Dinner, avocado and brie cheese to a classic bacon cheeseburger. To top it all off, it comes with a mound of sweet potato fries, regular fries, chips, a baked potato, or a salad.
How easy would it be to drop a quick 2500 calories on lunch, especially when the prices are so reasonable?
If I had my way, my burger choice would be simple. Beef burger, with lots of bacon, brie cheese, avocado, mushrooms, mayo…and probably a heap of pulled pork for good measure. With loaded sweet potato fries, and a large Dr. Pepper. Count up those calories for me, will you? The sheer volume of grease alone is staggering.
So I opened my Pinterest page, looked at a photo of a cute baby, and reminded myself why I was doing this.
My burger ended up costing me 8 points (of 34 per day), with a handful of sweet potato fries at 5 points. What did I have?
A portobello mushroom cap on a whole grain bun, with avocado, wild mushrooms and a bit of Brie cheese. All of my favourite things, without the painful additions of dairy and red meat.
Did that stop me from having a slice of pizza at dinner time? No. Did it make me feel a whole lot less guilty? Absolutely.
What are your tricks for eating out? Do you avoid anything specific?

5 thoughts on “Burger Bliss

  1. Burgerwise I often order the burger I want but then dump the bun. I prefer to get my carbs from the fries or potato salad.

  2. That’s so funny what you said about traveling and eating…I, too, plan our whole vacation around where and what I’m going to eat. When I eat out, I always try to review the menu before I actually get to the restaurant. That way, I have a plan and am less tempted to have something that’s not as good for me. I’m not a big meat eater, so I have no trouble avoiding that, but if I have a sandwich (burger or otherwise), I will often make it open-face and get rid of at least one slice of bread/bun. And I go without mayo or other creamy sauces and replace it with ketchup or mustard or even BBQ sauce. I also let my hubby order the fries and then just have a few of his…I eat much less than if I was to order them myself. Good luck!

  3. Good job! It’s so hard to eat out! That’s why I try not to. I think you did well, limit dairy, sauces, switch to sweet potato fries. That places has tons of options!

  4. I know you’re talking about The Works! Omg. Amazing. I’ve never tried the mushroom cap, but I usually order the turkey since it’s a bit healthier than beef! I’m glad you enjoyed it, and I think you made some great diet choices.

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