Dropping Pounds

I’ve never successfully lost and kept off weight before in my life. I seem to be on a constant diet, but nothing has ever actually worked, save for the 5 pounds I dropped and subsequently gained back on Atkins one year.
I always chalked this up to my lack of willpower and love for desserts. While that’s mostly true, it also turns out that PCOS is behind some of it. What other excuse do I have for eating about 1500 calories per day, and still gaining over 30 pounds since we got married?
Well, you know…other than the brownies.
When my doctor told me the other day that the only treatment for PCOS she recommended was weight loss, I blanked out a little. I can’t lose weight. I run, I cut out carbs, I obsess over my food, and my spare tire doesn’t budge. Neither do the numbers on the scale.
So, I signed up for what has always been, in my mind, the tool of late-thirty-something mamas all over North America. I’m neither thirty-something nor a mama, and as soon as I hit register on that shiny blue screen, I realized that WeightWatchers isn’t at all what I thought it to be.
I have vivid memories of my mom carrying around a 1L jug of water, her keyring with 10lb and 25lb stars on it, and a nifty calorie-shifter that calculated how many points things were. She ate the same CrockPot soup every day for months on end, a sludge of canned tomatoes, brown broccoli, and floating zucchini seeds. Every label was read, every point accounted for. And she had success! But I didn’t think it was for me.
Now, with the new system (and, I suppose, a good 15 or 20 years), WeightWatchers is strangely appealing. I love the process of charting my temperatures, so why wouldn’t I flip for a system that requires me to track things all day. Gone are the flimsy paper food charts, and instead, I pull out my iPhone and make adjustments to the 40,000 item food directory. Plus, WeightWatchers online has a MESSAGE BOARD, you guys! I love message boards! Something about talking to people when I don’t actually have to meet them or talk to them….its an introvert’s dream.

I promise you this post isn’t sponsored by WeightWatchers. I don’t even know if I’m ALLOWED to use the WW name without copyright or something. But hey – this blog is about MY journey, and if I have to deal with bum ovaries and a belly that makes me look 6 months pregnant, I can chat about whatever I want.

Also, sadly, it means that the recipes are going to get a whole lot healthier in the near future. Unless you guys start inviting me to dinner parties, in which case I can bake super-high-fat things and pass them off to you, temptation free. You know…whichever works.

6 thoughts on “Dropping Pounds

  1. You can do it! Weight Watchers is great. Slow and steady wins the race. I will teach you how to make crock pot soup.

  2. Congratulations on starting this! I wish you a lot of success and hope that dropping some lbs. will help you get KU (hey, it worked for Elley…). Please let me know if you need ANYTHING – support, great low-fat recipes (I have scores!), whatever… And, if you lived never me, I would LOVE to have you over for dinner. :o)

    • Aw, thanks! I know – hearing people’s success stories make me so excited – Elley’s is inspiring! And one of these days, I’ll have to travel all over the States and meet my Bee friends, haha.

  3. Sorry that I’m so far behind on your news 😦 I’ve done WW a few times.. and it’s been great 🙂 I’m back on it again now and loooove their phone app. Cheering you on and sharing this road with you xoxo

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