Poly-Cystic What Now?

I’m at a bit of a loss for words.

I’ve been having wonky cycles, like you know. As of today, I’m sitting at cycle day 56 with no sign of a period or ovulation. So I went to the doctor, hoping that even though she’s been relatively useless in the past, she might at least write me a prescription for Provera or something to bring on my period.

Instead, she asks about my symptoms. Irregular cycles? Yep. Annovulation? Yep. Acne? Yep. Inability to lose weight? Yep. Mid-cycle cramping? Yep. Sensitivity to sugar/processed carbs? Yep.

“I don’t know why I didn’t send you for a hormone panel ages ago,” she said, checking over my bloodwork. No sh** lady, I’ve been asking the same question for months. “You’ve got PCOS. I’m sure of it.”

Sorry, sorry, WHAT? Poly-cystic ovarian syndrome? You mean to tell me that after 17 months of trying to conceive, a diagnosis of “unexplained” infertility, EXPENSIVE visits to the fertility clinic, and a boatload of herbal remedies, there’s a CAUSE to all of this?

I couldn’t decide whether to smack her because she hadn’t figured this out earlier, or hug her because I finally have an answer!

You guys, I’ve clearly got mixed feelings about all of this. She’s not medicating me, because she doesn’t like the side effects of Metformin, and probably doesn’t know anything about it (to be perfectly honest). The best way to get PCOS under control, in her opinion, is through diet and exercise. So she dumped me on the scale, slid around those sliders, and announced to the full waiting room…”204 pounds”. Holy CRAP. WHAT? Since WHEN have I hit the 200s? This absolutely floored me, probably more than the PCOS diagnosis.

“60 pounds,” she said. That’s the amount I have to lose to get my body in the healthy range. That’s a ton, just in case you were unaware. 60 pounds seems impossible. But it will happen. I’ll explain my plan of action in a future blog post.

Thank goodness for my pounds lost jar. I’ll need motivation now more than ever.

6 thoughts on “Poly-Cystic What Now?

  1. I don’t know why she won’t do metformin – that is the best way to get PCOS under control and get pregnant too… maybe seek a second opinion if you get the hormone panels back and get a definitive diagnosis?

    I do understand her wanting you to lose weight, but that is a long, hard road that if done right, can take up to a year to drop the weight, especially when you’re fighting your own body’s metabolism to do so! Seems really simplistic of her to just tell you to lose weight, and that would sort of piss me off if it was me. 😉

  2. I take metformin since I am diabetic and have noticed no side effects whatsoever. For me, the best way to lose weight has been my diabetic eating plan. Even though I am pregnant, I’ve been losing about a pound a week based strictly on eating choices. If this is something that you are interested in, I could do a post about how/what I eat. Every 3 weeks I see a doc, nutritionist, and diabetes nurse (at the same time) and they are encouraging me to keep up with how things are going. If you have PCOS, at least with a diagnosis you can make a plan! I’m glad of that for you. 🙂

  3. Crazy, we are so alike! I just got diagnosed with PCOS, like last night! For the most part I already figured I had this (ie- I have all the symptoms you have). My RE said the same thing about metformin. In his words, “I guess you could take it if you want”. So today I’m sitting here coming up with a diet plan. I weigh pretty much the same as you so I have to lose about the same amount. It sounds like the diet is similar to a diabetic diet, low carbs. I’m so glad I found you’re blog! I’ll share what I find about treating it.

    • That is crazy! To be honest, I was surprised that my doc didn’t give me Metformin, after all the good things I’ve heard from other ladies. But if your RE says the same thing, then I guess that’s good.
      As far as weight loss goes – I joined Weight Watchers, which I’m posting about in a day or two. However, I’m staying much more low-carb than Weight Watchers suggests, because I know there’s the whole sugar/insulin piece to PCOS.
      Good luck to you – and hooray for a weight loss/PCOS buddy!

  4. Wow. I’m sure you are in shock after all this time of getting ‘there’s no real cause’ to PCOS. I’m so glad though that your Dr has figured out what is going on and now you can start to treat SOMETHING! 🙂 I’m working on losing for TTC/Endometriosis too so I’ll be watching to see what plan you come up with – my I’ll follow it too!! 🙂

    • Shock is one word for it, haha! But yes, so glad to have SOMETHING to treat! And its the push I needed to drop this weight. I’m going to start Fat-Free Fridays or something like that, to post about my weight loss and diet plan! I’d love you to follow along!

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