In the last two weeks, I’ve had five dreams that I was pregnant. J has had one.

In two of them, I miscarried, often in very strange and unusual circumstances. For instance, in the church lobby, while I was lying on a cot. (What?)

Now, believe me. At cycle day 50-something, I’ve taken my fair share of tests to make sure that these dreams aren’t any sort of hint that my body’s giving me, alerting me of some alien intruder in my uterus. No, I’m fairly sure these dreams come on the heels of nights spent agonizing over WHAT THE HECK my body is doing. And I’m sure the thousands of Facebook posts of friends’ new bumps and babies aren’t helping.

But what’s interesting about all of these pregnant dreams is something a good friend once told me. I value her input incredibly – she is wise, and gracious, and often has insight into things that I miss completely.

She told me that dreams of pregnancy, often when they recur frequently, are a sign of something new about to start. It might not be a literal birth, but it will often coincide with the birth of a new thing. A new job, a new home, a new opportunity.

I’m not saying that I chalk all of these dreams up to something new about to happen in our lives (though there is something new possibly in the works, that I’m forbidden to talk about or think about too much), because I know that falling asleep with dreams of babies in your head will most likely equal dreams about HAVING babies.

But its something to think about, you know?

What do you think about dreams and their significance? Is there any significance, or does it relate directly to the brownies and icecream you’ve eaten while dozing off?

2 thoughts on “Dreams

  1. I had dreams of being pregnant so many times over the years. I would even have the feeling of discomfort, of my skin pulling and my back aching with the huge round stomach. I would have dreams of going into labor, or holding a baby, learning to breastfeed – all of them seemed so real and so important that when I woke up I’d still feel a residual ache in my body and smell the newborn smells.

    I admit I used to believe as your friend did, but too many years’ worth of these type of dreams, and nothing to show for it – not even good things that were non-baby related. I think now that dreams are nothing more than my subconscious desires playing out. I got to the point where I hated them, since they just reminded me of what I didn’t have, but now I’m kind of at peace with them.

  2. I’m so torn on whether dreams mean anything. Sometimes I think yes…sometimes not. Before I conceived my daughter, I dreamed that I had a little girl. When I actually got pregnant, I was convinced that it was a boy, but lo and behold, it was a girl. Coincidence? Probably, but who really knows? During my last pregnancy, I dreamed I had a miscarriage and, less than two weeks later, I did. Maybe another coincidence, maybe not. Recently, my mom dreamed I had triplets and just a couple weeks ago, so did I. My mother-in-law has dreamed I had twins. We’ll SEE if that pans out, but I think it unlikely. It’s probably just wishful thinking.

    I do think there’s a possibility that dreams may generally just be our brain’s way of working through problems and seeing our heart’s desires come true. But I think it’s also possible that, at times, dreams mean more than that or can tell us something important. I guess there’s always a gray area. But if it gives you any hope and/or peace, I say hold on to that. We all need a little hope to get us through this journey.

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