Keeping Track

Hey guys! Look what I made!

Obviously, its “made” in the loosest sense of the word. Perhaps “assembled” is better.

I am a reward-driven human being, as are you all, I’m assuming. So there’s something about moving shiny little jewels from one jar to another that just thrills me. I love seeing progress, especially when I can’t see it in the mirror. Haven’t actually bought batteries for my scale yet, so the pounds lost jar remains empty, but we’ll get there eventually.

How do you stay motivated?

6 thoughts on “Keeping Track

  1. The jars are a great idea! I hope you have some sort of reward in mind for when you get a certain number shifted over.
    I kind of suck about sticking with anything that involves willpower, so I don’t have any good suggestions – which is kind of embarrassing. 😉

  2. That’s a good idea! Keep us all posted on how you do. 🙂 Maybe I should do one for consecutive days I’ve gone walking and give myself rewards at ever so many….

  3. Love your jars! This idea is awesome.

    For me staying motivated means setting the goals at the right spot. Not too easy, not too hard. I started my diet change with a 3 weeks body clease as recommended by my acupuncturist. It really helped me to get a different realtionship with food. I also find the approach of adding the good food first and then remove the bad food really helpful.

    Good luck reaching your goals and filling that other jar!

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