Learning Lessons

As the one year mark of trying to conceive came and went, I got to thinking about how much I’d learned about this whole process in the last 12 months. I laugh at how naive I was, assuming that I could just pitch my pill package and a magical one or two months later, I’d have some joyous news to announce.
Its been sixteen months, and I’m still waiting on that news.
So what have I learned? What have the last 16 months taught me? More than you could imagine.
I could wax poetic about the trials and tribulations of taking temperatures every morning, checking out all sorts of ridiculous signs and symptoms, peeing on sticks of every size and colour, and “practicing” on a schedule. And one of these days, I might just write that post. But for now, I bring you….
The Top Five Things I Never Thought I’d Learn (while TTC, or otherwise).
1. Taking your temperature numerous times in a row might change the number. It doesn’t change the truth.

2. That cervical mucus can be exciting. No really, I promise it is.

3. Discussing ovulation, periods, temperatures, etc. with your husband will become a non-chalant, dinner table conversation.

4. I can now read you off a list…from memory…of common herbal remedies that will both increase and decrease your fertility. Who’d have thunk that I would ever know the importance of red raspberry leaf?

5. Some of my best friends, the people that really “get” what I’m going through, would be people I’ve never actually met in person.

What about you? What lessons have you learned through this whole process?

5 thoughts on “Learning Lessons

  1. I can definitely understand. Hubs and I used charting to avoid pregnancy for the first year and a half of marriage and CM, temps, O days, all were regularly discussed. When we transitioned to TTC, we got to flip all of the rules that we had been using, but still talked more about my bodily functions that I ever imagined.

  2. This is a great list. It made me laugh because of how true it is. Another lesson I’ve learned: while my CM and OPKs may be the hot topic at the dinner table with my husband, they are NOT welcomed conversation with everyone else. Not to mention I’ve also come to realize I have a reservoir of strength I never knew existed and, sadly, the one thing I want the most is out of my control. But those lessons are a bit more depressing…yours at least can get a laugh! 🙂

  3. My list would be so similar! We are approaching our 19th month and in 2 weeks will be starting our first IVF…crazy stuff!! I just think your blog is so adorable hope you and your husband are hanging in there 🙂

  4. I just recently came across your blog and I love this list. I am in month 10 here and I was actually just thinking the same thing. My “dictionary” of knowledge has expanded tenfold. As well as the amount of acronyms I know. I just now started looking for online friends for support. I have about 0 people in my life that actually have any tiny amount of understanding about all of this.

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