Making Myself Feel Better.

I slept in until 11 this morning. Go back, reread that sentence. I slept in until ELEVEN this morning. I think that may be the very first time that’s ever happened. Ever.
When I finally did wake up, I took my time, leisurely showering, drinking coffee, immersing myself in social media. And then I looked outside, and saw a bedraggled mom hauling three kids out of the back of her minivan, grocery bags hanging off her arms and a look of sheer exhaustion on her face.
Its times like these when, in spite of all of our struggles with infertility, I’m briefly grateful that I don’t have kids yet.

Don’t get me wrong. I want to be a mother more than anything. I pray for the day that I see a second line on that stupid plastic pee-stick, and I dream about holding my own child in my arms. The last 14 months have done nothing to dampen that longing.

But then I stretch out on the couch after a day at work, drinking a cup of tea and catching up on all the TV shows that J recorded, and I think….hey. This is okay for now.

So, as an effort to stop worrying about when I’ll get knocked up, and start focussing on enjoying life right NOW, here’s my list of all the reasons I’m glad I’m not a mom (YET).

1. Going to bed whenever I feel like it
2. Sleeping through the night – in stretches longer than 2 hours at a time
3. Having pretty, breakable things on all the low shelves and tables
4. Having the PVR full of shows I like…not Disney channel/Treehouse junk
5. Jumping in the car spur of the moment, and going out for the day
6. Not having wipes, snacks, toys, etc in my purse.
7. Showering. Alone. For more than 5 minutes.
8. No tub toys…I can soak in the bath unaccompanied by Barbies and rubber ducks.
9. Doing a handful of loads of laundry a week….NOT a handful of loads of laundry every day.
10. Going out for quiet dinners with my husband
11. Having naked Saturdays. You know, if I WANT to.
12. Not guarding my tongue against the occasional swear. Okay…maybe its a BIT more frequent than ‘occasional’
13. Being able to carry my cute little Coach bag…instead of a duffel bag
14.Getting excited to babysit other people’s kids; I can feed them junk and send them home, without worrying about the consequences
15.  Staying in bed all day when I’m sick, not worrying about pushing through symptoms.

I’m sure there are dozens more. I’d LOVE to hear your reasons…those things you think about when you’re utterly frustrated that you haven’t conceived yet. And parents out there – are there things you miss terribly that I can add to my list?

Anything to make a girl feel better about being infertile, amirite?

4 thoughts on “Making Myself Feel Better.

  1. Great list and a good reminder! How about adding:

    – meeting with friends whenever you want and not according to a nap/feeding schedule.
    – wearing white pants and shirts without having kids food on it.
    – going for a mani/pedi whenever you want.
    – taking an hour to apply makeup and do your hair. (we got all the time in the world. haha)
    – putting your feed up on the coffee table (we don’t have to be a role model…)
    – get a treat even though you didn’t eat all your veggies from the main course
    – sharing your bed only with one other person.

    and especially for you:
    – having all the time in the world to bake!

    • I’m thinking I might have to make a huge list with all of these suggestions, and keep adding as they come in. Then everyone who’s still TTC can make themselves feel better. And once we’re knocked up, we can go back and talk about all the ways that our list doesn’t matter anymore.

  2. My fiance is always reading me of stuff like this saying, “You know once we have a baby you won’t be able to waste all the time on the internet.” My argument back to him is that I might as well make the most of it while I can, right?

    But I think what I’ll miss most of all once we do finally have kids, is not having the time for leisure reading, and well wasting time on the internet.

    And just letting you know, I’m Miss Ariel on weddingbee!

    • I completely forgot about the reading! I need to add that to the list, haha – I spend way too much time catching up on blogs and glued to the screen of my Kindle.

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