I had an appointment at the fertility clinic last week, and I was a little overwhelmed (and excited) with the options. After J’s test results had come back great, I figured it was time to take the next step; get our options figured out.

The intake nurse was great. She asked a million questions, found out all about our history, and explained about the next steps that were available. It was awesome to have someone knowledgeable actually listen to me, rather than just assure me that because I’m young, I have plenty of time to worry about getting pregnant (thanks, family doctor).

So, what’s our plan of action? To start with, she wants to monitor my cycles. I’ll go three or four times in my cycle for blood tests and ultrasounds to see what my body is doing. They’ll also give us a ‘practice’ schedule, so we know that we’re getting our timing right.

Once we do a few cycles of that, at $135 a pop, we have two options (that is, unless I’m pregnant by then). The first would be to go on medication and see if that helps. They use Femara as opposed to Clomid, because apparently Clomid causes wicked mood swings. I’d like to avoid that, if possible. The second option would be to do an IUI. J isn’t sold on that idea; its another $300, and it adds only a 5-10% chance to each cycle. Its also a little more invasive than we were hoping…so it’ll be a decision to make when/if we get there.

Hopefully, we won’t even have to consider those options, and maybe this cycle monitoring will be just the thing we need. That, and a whole whack of faith.

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