Nuts and Seeds and Remedies

I’ve started going back to the naturopath, hoping that maybe some of the supplements he gives me will help this babymaking process go a  little faster. I thought I’d write about the things I’m taking in case it would help anyone else.

There’s a regime that he calls ‘Alternating Seeds’ that I find totally fascinating. For the first 15 days of my cycle, I take certain seeds, and then I switch to another set of seeds for the rest of my cycle. Apparently, the first seeds (flax, chia and pumpkin, as well as cod liver oil) have estrogen-like effects to help you ovulate. For the second half of the cycle, the seeds (sesame and sunflower, plus evening primrose oil) have a progesterone-like effect, to increase the chances of implantation. My naturopath is hoping that by switching on CD15, I will encourage my body to ovulate earlier. Thank goodness – these long wonky cycles are super annoying.

I’m also taking chromium (to control sugar cravings), B6 pills to help with everything, probiotics for digestion, and a castor oil pack to increase blood flow to my abdomen. Its a huge list of things, but at this point, I’m willing to try anything. And at least most of it is in capsule form. The liquids I used to take were horrific.

Do you have any naturopathic remedies that you use?

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