Cycle Fourteen

My cycle ran late this month, giving me four days of agony in which I was partially convinced that there was a baby in there. No such luck this time, ladies and gents. So, rather than baking (and consuming an entire pan of brownies), here’s what I did.


This stupid photo won’t rotate, so I’ll explain.

I bought new nailpolish to make me feel pretty and less like junk. I bought Mike and Ikes, because they came to a grand total of $.97, and then, the motherlode. Peanut butter and pretzel Dairy Milk bar. Oh, so good. So good in fact, that not a single square got saved for my husband. Whoops!

So now I’m here on CD7, waiting for results from hubby’s testing, and just hanging out until we can start trying again this month. We’ll see what happens. Next step, reproductive endocrinologist for some monitoring, medication and the like. And MUCH more chocolate, I’m presuming.

3 thoughts on “Cycle Fourteen

  1. During the spring, my go to chocolate is Cadbury Eggs. I think that they are part of Dairy Milk (could be very very wrong0 but their candy bars are so good too!

    • Nope, you’re right. Same company. And man alive, Mini Eggs are fantastic. Unfortunately, I’ve overdosed on them a few years, so now I stick to peanut M&Ms. Egg shaped and festive, but a little different.

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