Stressed : Desserts spelled backward

Things have been pretty crazy around here.

Because of a rule I stick by, I’ve refrained from talking about my job on the Internet. That’s probably for the best, because you never know who’s reading. I go to some lengths to remain anonymous from my real-life friends and family, but who knows how that works out. Anyhow, without sharing any details or getting into any real specifics, this week at work has been ridiculously stressful.

In short, I quit my job.

I’ve been there nearly two years now, and though I loved the work, the people-situation was less than desirable. There were many many days I came home and cried, and many instances where I had to rein in my temper. I thought I could deal with all of that, until one day, I couldn’t.

My mental health has been slipping – I’ve been so depressed the last month or so that I can barely function. The stress is overwhelming and the anxiety is manifesting itself in ways I’d never imagined. And as much as I thought I could chalk that up to the pressure of trying to conceive, or the dreary winter days, I knew none of that was true. I knew it stemmed from my job. And I knew it had to stop.

So starting in a few weeks, I’ll have a lot of free time on my hands. Free time to bake and blog about baking, and really figure out what I plan to do with my life. I’m excited and terrified for this new adventure. And I’m really hoping that the relaxation that will come in being temporarily jobless will help with the TTC craziness.

Here’s a picture of what stress has been doing to my temperatures.


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