Just Waiting

We’ve got some friends staying with us for a few weeks, so I’m not sure how often (or detailed) my posts are going to be. Also thinking that I might be lacking on the baking front.  On the exciting side, however, we’ve GOT SOME FRIENDS STAYING WITH US. On the not-so-exciting side, its making our every-other-day ‘practice’ schedule a little difficult. We’re managing, but I’m thinking this month might be a long shot.

Just waiting around for ovulation now. I’m at CD19, which means it should be on its way; I usually O around CD20. I don’t really have high hopes, because nothing has changed. However, we’re in the middle of some major life changes right now (I’m not going to share, because they aren’t public quite yet). I think these changes will drastically decrease my stress, and very possibly have a huge impact on this whole fertility deal.

J is headed in for some testing this week or next, and while I’m pretty positive that there’s nothing wrong on his end, we just want to be absolutely sure. After this cycle (or maybe one more, depending on how we’re feeling), I’ll book in with the fertility specialist. Its an hour’s drive, but completely worth it if she’s got something to say. Then it’ll be decision making time. Pills? Injectibles? IUI? IVF? A million choices.

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