Water, Water Everywhere.

As part of this whole trying to conceive process, I have been told time and time again that water is the cure for just about everything. Feeling bloated? Drink water. Feeling tired/hungry/irritable/stressed? Drink water. Skin breaking out? Drink water. Nauseous? Drink water.

And I did drink water, several cups a day. In the form of coffee and Diet Coke. Maybe NOT what my naturopath was going for when he suggested 64oz per day.

So last week, as I began my Two (and more) Week Wait, I decided that I’d make a conscious effort to drink more water. 8 glasses a day, give or take, and at least a full glass after a)waking up in the morning, b)eating and c)drinking coffee or pop. So far, its worked wonders. My skin, usually a roadmap of potholes and bumps by 10DPO, is remarkably clear. My bloating, though still present, certainly isn’t at its usual 6-months-pregnant stage. My energy? My sleeping? My hunger? My weight? Everything is reacting positively to this new hydration plan.

Everything except for my bladder.

Holy heck, I’ve been peeing more than I ever knew was possible. Every twenty minutes, on the dot, to the point where my co-workers are placing bets on my trips-per-day. Today? Highest guess was 12. I peed FOURTEEN TIMES at work..an eight hour shift. And that was maybe 5 glasses of water, total. WHAT THE HECK, BLADDER?

Sure is making it awfully impossible to hold it long enough to POAS. Maybe that’s a good thing – if I can’t test early, I might just be able to wait it out.

Ladies who drink lots of water regularly…does this EVER STOP? Or should I go get a) a catheter, b)Depends or c)a bedpan?

2 thoughts on “Water, Water Everywhere.

  1. I’d say bedpan. lol. I was told that a great way to lose weight was to drink your weight in ounces of water a day. When I figured out that was nearly 2 gallons, I decided 8 glasses was plenty…no need to be excessive.

    • Holy moly, that’s a LOT of ounces. I’m only averaging about 96 oz per day…I couldn’t imagine drinking double that (you know, give or take a few dozen ounces).

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