Red and Green (but mostly red)

Christmas is way too soon for my own good, and while I’m super excited, there are a million things to think about. I’ve promised a good deal of baking to lots of people, and the quantities in my freezer are only going to hold up if J and I STOP SNACKING.

Do you realize how hard it is to stick to a pre-vacation, pre-baby diet when there are caramel Millionaire bars in the freezer? I promise I’ll post the recipe, and then you all can ditch your diets with me.

Just checking in with a great big HI…and because I felt guilty not blogging. I’ll write a proper post as soon as I can sit still…J and I started tanning today for our vacation, and ten minutes in a bed is just too long. I’m a lobster. OUCH.

Gonna go get those frozen caramel bars to soothe the heat.

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