False Alarm?

Pretty sure there was a false alarm on the ovulation front this week. I was struggling with my OPK strips, and they weren’t showing a positive no matter what. However, my temperatures rose a little and stayed up, so Fertility Friend marked Monday as O-Day.

Now, though, my temperatures are back down below coverline, I’m having ovulation-type cramps, and the lines on my OPKs are getting darker. Plus, (wayyy TMI), there’s some EWCM that’s made an appearance for the FIRST TIME EVER.

Thinking that J and I need to just keep….trying….until my temperatures go way up. If they don’t, I’ll trust Fertility Friend. But really, I don’t want to miss out this month on an uncertainty.

In the process of making ginger- molasses cookies. I’ll post a recipe once I’ve tasted them and made sure that they’re actually worth sharing.

Judging from the smells coming from my oven, they are definitely worth it.

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