Where I Am Now

When I started this blog, I assumed I’d be writing just for myself, as an outlet to spill all of my TTC frustrations and create some new recipes. But I’ve noticed that there are a few people stumbling upon my little corner of the Internet, so I thought I’d provide some background info.

J and I have been married for just over a year and a half (May 2010), and we decided to start TTC (trying to conceive) shortly after our first anniversary. However, due to a whole host of medical complications on my end, I came off birth control in January 2011. We figured we’d not try, but not prevent pregnancy either, and see where that got us. However, I’m a bit Type A…so after two cycles off BCP, I was taking my temperatures and charting every symptom that came my way.

Cycles off BCP were a little wonky at first, but they seemed to regulate after about three months. As far as I’ve heard, that’s fairly normal, though it can take longer as well. I assumed things were all good; we were timing everything correctly, I could see clearly in my temperature rise that I was ovulating, and I’m young – that should have been on my side.

At the end of September, we found out that J’s dad was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer that had spread to his liver, kidneys and spleen. He deteriorated very quickly, and within a month, he had passed away. While I thought I had handled things just fine, my body thought otherwise, and the shock extended my cycle to over 50 days. I was so sure that I was pregnant, and as my mind began to run, I thought of how perfect the timing would be; J’s dad had just passed, and we would have a baby that we could name after him (I know…my mind was getting ahead of me…).

Needless to say, no baby last cycle. So here I am, well into November, with my birthday coming up in two days. I’d have loved a Big Fat Positive test as a birthday gift, but maybe I’ll get one as a Christmas present. This month, we’re using ovulation predictor kits and ConceivePlus, a new sperm-friendly lubricant.

We’ll see what happens. Got my fingers crossed!

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