Everyone Else’s Bellies.

Switching up the layout a bit, giving something new a try. Not that it matters, seeing as this is my own little corner of the Internet.

Ever notice that when you want something bad enough, its all you see around you? No? For example; when there’s a particular gadget you’re longing for, like J and the iPad, it seems that every other person and their dog is walking around, iPad in hand. No? Still too abstract?

Okay, I’ll get to the point.

Every damn person I see is pregnant.

I work with a girl who’s going to pop any day now. I go to church with, count it, six women who are visibly pregnant. I have a cousin, three friends, and a friend’s little sister who are knocked up. Every time I turn around, I see a new pregnant belly, just staring me in the face. I see you in there, little baby. Stop taunting me. Even the TV shows I watch seem to have uber-fertile girls in them. What’s the deal, Hollywood? Do you really want me depressed? (The answer to that is yes, because depressed me = baking me).

Is it just a phase? Am I just noticing pregnant people more because I want what I can’t have? Or is there just something in the water, and everyone in the world is popping out offspring?

I need to learn to be content.  I’m supposed to enjoy this phase in my life, this waiting phase. I’m supposed to relish this no-strings-attached, pick-up-and-go time, before I’m saddled down with a bunch of anklebiters.

That’s the theory, anyhow.

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