Let the Wait Begin…

After an uneventful two weeks of moping around, baking chocolate things, and starting a new diet, I’m back on the temping bandwagon, and am anxiously awaiting that temperature spike that’s due any day now. The last seven days have been full of obsessive charting, numerous thermometer readings, and a whole lot of…attempted procreation. The wait is driving me mental, especially because I’m not even sure if I’ve ovulated yet. What’s with the super long cycles, body? Prior to birth control, I was clockwork regular – twenty eight days, on the dot. Now, I’m averaging thirty five days, which is extremely irritating when you’re just waiting for that perfect week.

My diet’s going well, though – maybe losing some weight will increase our chances of a baby. We’re doing the Seventeen Day Diet – basically, no carbs for the first seventeen days (other than fruit), minimal carbs for the next seventeen days, and a gradual re-introducing of other foods for the third cycle of seventeen days. I think its working – its been about two weeks, and I’ve already lost five pounds. J’s having much more success, but men always seem to lose weight easier. He also has more willpower than I do – I can’t control my finger if it happens to swipe the bottom of a mocha-frosting mixing bowl. He can.

The one good thing (other than the five pounds) that this diet has done for me is curb my emotional baking (and eating). I haven’t binged on twelve Snickerdoodle cupcakes or eaten an entire pan of brown-butter blondies in one sitting. Hmm. Maybe I’m onto something.

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